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Freely Useable Buttons

The below buttons are the freely useable buttons related to Apache, mod_ssl and OpenSSL. The "powered by Apache" and "secured by mod_ssl" buttons are created by Ralf S. Engelschall for the mod_ssl project. The "Includes SSLeay encryption software" is the original button from the SSLeay package.

Apache     mod_ssl     OpenSSL

Here are additional buttons: An "Enhanced by mod_perl" button for the mod_perl project which was created by Jeffrey William Baker and only minimally adjusted by Ralf S. Engelschall. And an "Enhanced by PHP3" button for the PHP3 Scripting Language project which is derived from the original "powered by PHP3" button created by Colin Viebrock. They are included here because beside mod_ssl one usually also uses mod_perl or PHP3 in a full-featured Apache server.

mod_perl     PHP3

To insert one or all of them into your website you first grab them from this webpage and then you can use the following HTML (notice that between the anchor and the image tag there should be no whitespaces because of a bug in old browser versions):

<A HREF=""
><IMG SRC="apache_pb.gif" ALT="Powered by Apache" BORDER=0></A>
<A HREF=""
><IMG SRC="mod_ssl_sb.gif" ALT="Secured by mod_ssl" BORDER=0></A>
<A HREF=""
><IMG SRC="openssl.gif" ALT="Includes OpenSSL" BORDER=0></A>
<A HREF=""
><IMG SRC="mod_perl_eb.gif" ALT="Enhanced by mod_perl" BORDER=0></A>
<A HREF=""
><IMG SRC="php3_eb.gif" ALT="Enhanced by PHP3" BORDER=0></A>